• IHKIB is the biggest institution representing apparel industry in Turkey.
  • IHKIB was established in 1986 in order to provide sectoral development and gradual increase of exports in apparel industry of Turkey.
  • IHKIB has more than 9000 member exporter companies in the apparel field.
  • IHKIB member companies realize %75 of Turkish total apparel exports around 17 billion $ annually.
  • IHKIB supports its members in all kinds of trade related activities.
  • IHKIB's main goal is to increase Turkey’s apparel export potential and to introduce its brands in global market.
  • IHKIB aspires to contribute to the prosperity of the global apparel trade through building long term partnerships and setting up effective communication channels with the counterpart trade organizations across the world.

IHKIB performs a lot of activities and carries out many projects to develop sectoral export;

Trade Activities

Organizing national participation to international fairs and trade missions.

Design Activities

Organizing KOZA Young Fashion Designers Contest each year since 1992 and related activities in order to improve design capacity of industry.

Istanbul Fashion Academy

Istanbul Fashion Academy, established by IHKIB in 2005, promotes design capabilities of the whole industry.

Fashion Week Istanbul

"Mercedes Benz Istanbul Fashion Week", started by IHKIB in 2009, is one of the leading fashion events bringing together Turkish apparel industry with the global fashion world.

The Core Istanbul

The Core Istanbul is a platform aims to meet the buyers with famous and inspiring brand and design products of Turkish apparel industry.


There are four vocational schools supported by IHKIB.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Many projects are carried out by IHKIB in order to assist especially the SME’s in their efforts to enhance their corporate social responsibility standards.

Ekoteks Laboratory

IHKIB has an international accredited laboratory namely Ekoteks.

For more information about IHKIB, please visit: https://www.ihkib.org.tr/en

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