GeBe Maternity enters US and European Market

GeBe Maternity enters US and European Market


GeBe Maternity which was recently featured at the front of a leading US Mom-To-Be magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn, opened it’s doors to customers 12 years ago in Turkey.

Also gaining it’s motherfirm ABT Textile manufacturing abilities, GeBe now has 10 shopping mall shops in Turkey and the brand itself is sold at more than 100 locations in more than 25 countries around the world.

Recently, GeBe entered U.K. and German markets with online shopping giants and Zalando respectively. With two showrooms opening this month – one in New York Turkish Trade Center and other in Amsterdam/ Netherlands – the brand plans to start entering the U.S. market and also get a better grip on the European Market.

With it’s functional, comfortable and fashionable products, customers can wear the garments both during and after pregnancy. Designers scour all around the world for trends and attend fashion weeks in many countries, whereas the production team visit each production site to ensure quality and standards to meet the company mission: be the best maternity brand. With garments being a product of hard work and teamwork, ensure brand continuity and success.